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Inspiration: Shelving The Home

November 10, 2014

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Best brands of rice cookers on the market are offering discounts

October 8, 2015

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It is time to do some shopping because best brands of rice cookers on the market are offering discounts. In the past, I never bothered with such discount offers, primarily because I never had monies with me. But this year, I have not spent away my annual bonus. I can buy one or two of these rice cookers so that I would not have to spend time for buying gifts. Rice cookers are excellent gifts for Christmas, as well as marriages. Usually, time and money are big constraints for me.

The sites offering the best electric rice cooker reviews 2015 do not provide comprehensive and comparable details. For example, the site that I have opened has specified unique feature of each rice cooker listed by it. There is one rice cooker which has auto steam cleaning feature, which is interesting indeed. But the site has not specified whether it can be used to cook 5 cups of rice or not. I was drawn to this product because of its shape. It is, however, way too expensive and therefore, unsuitable for my purpose. The programmable rice cooker has received 4.6 stars on Amazon, and it fits my budget as well. In fact, it is ranked highest, but its looks are a bit a of a disappointment. This rice cooker, however, can be used to prepare soups, cook rice, steam foods, prepare meat or stew, and even saute if needed. It is truly multi-functional. It pressure cooks rice, though it is an electric appliance. I guess that means some energy savings. It also has sensors to ensure proper locking of lid, and preventing any leaks. May be I need to check other sites as well to see if any other website lists a better rice cooker than this. If not, this rice cooker does seem to be the ideal product.

Bring back the Juice in your Life

September 7, 2015

Truth be told, I had never heard of the Breville brand name before I received my wonderful juicer for my last birthday. How did she even think of Googling for Breville juicers in the first place? My girlfriend was always complaining a lot about the juice I bought from the store saying it was not healthy or fresh so she decided to get me a cheap one for my kitchen (she also bought me a health book, haha). I have the Breville JE98XL series. I had to Google search “juicer reviews of various brands” for myself to find it. I cannot say I like the design though I don’t hate it either, but I have seen better. I don’t use it use it much (my girlfriend does almost all the juicing) but I like the juice it produces. It is good for both fruits and vegetables and most of the time my girlfriend makes a blend of both. (Check out the model here)


One thing that stands out with my juicer is the way it leaves dry pulp. It sucks everything out of the fruits or vegetables to extract the maximum amount of juice possible. I find it looking more like a piece of lab equipment than a kitchen appliance! The juicer’s feeder chute is wide enough to swallow big chunks of veggies or fruits so it saves us time on chopping them down to small pieces like with regular juicers. I think it’s the quality of the knife blades and the horsepower in the juicer. Another thing I noted on my juicer is that I can change the speed for soft fruits like bananas or hard fruits like apples. I use the low speed on all veggies. The juice is almost without any traces of pulp.

When it comes to cleaning (which I leave to my girlfriend most of the time!), I find it easy to clean immediately after use. However, I need a brush to clean the sharp blades. Most of the other parts are made of plastic and can easily go into the dishwasher (on the top shelf). I would give it 2 stars for design but gladly throw in a 4.5 on the juicing.

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When the Cheaper Machine Proves To Be Very Expensive

September 5, 2015

We often succumb into the price tag when shopping compromising on quality. Many times we do not look at the cost of a particular product or service before we can spent our hard earned cash on them. This is a fallacy that needs to be scrapped and all goods and services in the market should be made to be of the best quality. While purchasing any good or service your research is more important than the actual purchase. You need to consider the reviews of the item or good before purchasing it.

Ignoring sewing machine reviews on the net as I prepared to acquire one got me into trouble. I ignored all the reviews that the internet had on the sewing machine and went ahead to buy one that seemed more cost effective – the Brother ES2000. Having seen the price of the machine being half the price of what I had seen, I quickly made the purchase and hurried to start my business with it.
On delivery the machine worked pretty well and thought my new investment was worthwhile and plans of paying back the money I had borrowed to acquire the machine were already in progress. The first one week with the machine gave me hope of joining the big boys in the city after only three months. Yes financial freedom was fast approaching. Little did I know that the supposed wealth was poverty.

Only a week saw the machine crumple down. Issues after issues arose making me visit the seller often to check the problem of the day. I made several trips to my supplier making me use all the money that the machine had been able to earn me for the little period I was with it. Later it supplier retained it in a bid to do a thorough check on it which later became a rigorous debt of promises that it would soon work again. Had I considered all the sewing machine reviews on the internet I would be more financially sound and running my business.

Claimants for the Top Rated Kitchen Knives Set

August 28, 2015

I have suffered for almost 30 odd years with knives that took me ages to chop vegetables, meat, and fruits for my family, which never seemed to be growing smaller in size until recently. First it was my in-laws, particularly my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law who stayed with us, and then it was children, and more children, till in-laws departed. God bless their souls. Now, my children are leaving the nest, sort of, because that is the current trend. We had guests too, and one of my guests saw how I struggled with kitchen knives. She gifted me this top rated kitchen knives set, which though not from a branded company seem to be best knives I ever had. My children are going through the same experience now.


My daughter works in IT company, and she can do with spare time for resting. But chopping is a chore that her husband does not help her with. So the last time she dropped by, I was just going overboard with praises for my kitchen knives. I used to take about half an hour to forty five minutes each day just for chopping, and that time has come down to half that or even less. Part of it could be because my family has become smaller because my children have left. But the fact remains that these knives are wonderful. You might as well find out more information on the best kitchen knives set to buy at Pcn Chef.

I did not expect my daughter to stake claim on my kitchen knives, of all the things! She told me, mama don’t write anything in your will for me, just write your kitchen knives to me. My would be daughter-in-law, who stays close by and had arrived around that time joined the conversation. She said she would contest the will if the knives were given to my daughter. My husband asked what about me? Well, that was funny feeling. Sometimes youngsters are too smart. They know how to end a boring conversation humorously. I guess I was boring my daughter a bit too much when I was talking about those knives.

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How I Always Pick A Good Espresso Machine

August 24, 2015

With the way things currently stand, long gone are the days when we used to just go into a store in town and pick an item without first going through different good espresso machine reviews prior its purchase. I personally, being one of the most frequent shoppers of espresso machines either for my store or just for a friend, I am probably one person who goes through tons and tons of reviews on different models, designs much often. With all that experience, I have learn a few things on what makes a good espresso machine. For me, the following are a few of the things that I use to single out good espresso machine from the bad ones.

espresso (3)

First things first, for me, the way the machine does it job is important; other than just my machine coming fully equipped with tons of features, it must do its job perfectly well. How do I know if he machine is goo in what it does before I take it home? There are a couple of things I normally do; first, I can go through best espresso maker reviews on the machine and see what other users are, or I just test it before I dish out my money on it. It is that simple. Nonetheless, the durability of m espresso machine is also key; it is one factor I make sure I nail before I proceed with the purchase. I mean, obliviously, who wouldn’t want an espresso machine that could last for years?

My advice to people shopping for espresso machine whether for their espresso bar or just for their own personal use, go through good espresso machine reviews. It will in a way give you great heads up on what you should go for. Ultimately, try what some of the tricks I have highlighted and you will be surprised on what you can get.

Why I Will Always Love This Bread Machine

August 18, 2015

Being one of the biggest lovers of bread, I am probably one person his day goes without one or two slices of bread. I don’t know when and how this crazy obsession started, but to some extend I think it is because it is one of the things our mom made sure my brother and I took every single morning before we left for school. Interestingly, at no time did we buy bread from supermarket or food store; thanks to her baking skills and the best Panasonic bread machine we had in our kitchen, our mom consistently made the best for us.

Immediately , I left our parents’ house, soft and sweet bread being one of the things I have had every single morning , there was no way I was going to stop taking it. Sadly, my mom was not gong to be around anymore, and I was to start making them on my own. I talked to my mom about it and she gladly gave me some of her best tips; however, she did insist I buy one of the best bread machines. I knew a friend who operated a bakery in town, I talked to him and he recommended I get a Panasonic bared machine.

It is now well over 5 years since I moved into my own apartment, and thanks to a Panasonic bread machine I have in my kitchen, brown and softly baked bread is one thing I always enjoy every single morning. I love everything about the machine. There is something special about the features it has; they work like charm. As if that is not even enough; its durability and efficiency are other things I want to talk about it. I have had this machine for close to 5 years, but it is still in good condition and does its job perfectly well. The best part, despite some of the best features and tons and tons of other goodies my bread machine comes fully complete with, it was unbelievably affordable. I dint actually spent a fortune on it.

Bottom line; if today a friend asks me for the best bread machine recommendation I would not even take a second of hesitation; I would right away recommend a Panasonic bread machine to him or her. It is one of the best items anyone can bring to his or her kitchen today. This particular bread machine has in a way brought a ray of hope in my kitchen.

3 Major Factors I Considered when Looking for my Serviced Office

August 7, 2015

When I started my business I decided to go for a serviced office because of the several benefits that it offers. Just like when looking for any other office, I had to put several factors into consideration in order to ensure that I got an office that would service all my needs in the right way. This article offers some of the factors I put into consideration as I searched for a perfect office for my business.


One of the factors I considered is where I wanted to the office to be located. I had to ensure that the office was located in a strategic place where there were many customers who would come without wasting a lot of time. In addition, I looked for a place where there were many other facilities such as good road network, communication and other amenities that would make the serviced office perfect for working. This is why I looked for an office that is located at the center of the city where everyone can access it without any problems.



As I was looking for the serviced office to rent, I considered the size so that it would accommodate all the employees and also make it easy for us to work without congestion. Since I have five employees I had to look for an office that would accommodate this number in the right way together with other office equipments. In addition, I considered the fact that I have a vision that by the next two years I will have expanded my business. So instead of having to relocate again, I had to rent a larger office that would accommodate such future developments. I had to consider that I will need more employees and will also require extra office equipments and facilities.


When operating a business, it is always important to cut the operating cost as much as possible. This is why I had to look for a serviced office provided at the most affordable and reasonable price. However, I had to take a lot of care about some of the offices that were offered at a very low price, because I understood that most of such offices might not be the best in terms of the services offered. I also decided to pay higher for my office which is located at a strategic location than those cheaper ones located in some inappropriate location.

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